Sermon on the Mount Stained Glass Window

Robert Reid, a New York painter, beginning in 1901, completed the Great East window, The Sermon on the Mount. It has been said that the execution of heads, hands, and other specific details has never been carried to the point of perfection in stained glass. During sunrise the Great East window has a flood of harmonious light flowing through the many layers of stained glass. This feature is brilliant in execution and Reid has truly set himself apart from other American stained glass artists.

The large windows give great dignity and breadth to the body of the church. It is important to recognize that these windows are remarkable, not only for the progression of color from east to west, but also for their complexity and Reid’s mastery of glass painting and glazing.

“It is possible that Reid used himself as a model for one of the disciples in The Sermon on the Mount window. Another possible, although altered, portrait may be among the disciples is that of Henry H. Rogers himself. Although Rogers did not wear a beard, the hawk-like nose and piercing, deep-set eyes of the patron resemble those of one of Christ’s followers.” (Julie L. Sloan, Stained Glass Consultant)

Sermon on the Mount Stained Glass