The Memorial Church Preservation Team was created to ensure the preservation, restoration, and maintenance of the Unitarian Memorial Church in Fairhaven Massachusetts.

The buildings of the Unitarian Memorial Church are a challenging preservation task. Our main enemy has been water infiltration. This has been an issue since early in the buildings life. Extensive work has been done to address this, especially in the Sanctuary, in the last ten years. Large areas of copper roofing have been replaced and extensive repointing has been accomplished. We hope that that has solved the water problem for the time being. Unfortunately, such problems are never solved for good, but resolved for some unknown length of time, knowing that they will reoccur. The limestone interior of the Sanctuary has been badly stained by repeated water incursions.


The bell tower has not yet been repointed. This will be a massive undertaking, requiring either complete staging or the use of a large lift capable of reaching the top of the tower. The photo above shows the deterioration of the limestone and the poor condition of the pointing. We need to raise the funding for this project.


The Stained Glass windows are the most expensive challenge facing us. We have had the windows professionally surveyed and have a prioritized list of the restoration necessary. Unfortunately, the congregation is totally unable to fund this restoration and is seeking alternative means. This photo shows the unmatched quality of Robert Reid’s artistry in these windows.

Sermon on the Mount Face